yieldpoints Classes

class yieldpoints.WaitAny(keys)[source]

Wait for several keys, and continue when the first of them is complete.

Inspired by Ben Darnell in a conversation on the Tornado mailing list.

class yieldpoints.WithTimeout(deadline, yield_point, io_loop=None)[source]

Wait for a YieldPoint or a timeout, whichever comes first.

  • deadline: A timestamp or timedelta
  • yield_point: A gen.YieldPoint or a key
  • io_loop: Optional custom IOLoop on which to run timeout
class yieldpoints.Cancel(key)[source]

Cancel a key so gen.engine doesn’t raise a LeakedCallbackError

class yieldpoints.CancelAll[source]

Cancel all keys for which the current coroutine has registered callbacks

class yieldpoints.TimeoutException[source]